Friday, April 10, 2009

Stanford GSB Personal Statement

I am continuing to work through Stanford's required pre-matriculation work. Earlier this week, I finished the math and Excel assessors. And on a plane a couple days ago, I tackled my first-year personal statement, which is a "memo addressed to [my] advisor/Critical Analytical Thinking seminar instructor [which] include[s] whatever [I] think will be helpful to [my] advisor for making important decisions about [my] academic program."

Below are the academic goals I included in my memo:

1) business plan development skills
2) advanced finance skills and improved macroeconomic understanding
3) skills for developing and utilizing frameworks to understand and solve problems
4) communication, relationship-building, negotiation, and management skills

PS - My plane was for a trip to San Francisco. I had to take a non-Stanford related trip and it was wonderful. I was able to walk around and get a better feel for the city. I know I won't be living there but it's nice to start to get comfortable with my near surroundings. Plus, the weather was phenomenal.


nisha said...

Very interesting topic will bookmark your site to check if you write more about in the future.

Anonymous said...

Talk about your Personal Statement bud.. this was all about the prework you did

Palo Alto for a While said...

Dear anonymous commenter - This part of the prematric work does not matter. I doubt my adviser ever read it (he never references it) and to be honest, I had entirely forgotten about it. Pretty annoying in hindsight that they made us work on something that went nowhere.

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