Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Global Study/Service Learning Trips for 2009-10

Stanford sends weekly Monday emails to the class of 2011 and in the email I received yesterday, they included the list of locations for Global Study Trips and Service Learning Trips for next year. These trips are ways to fulfill the global experience graduation requirement.

2009-10 Global Study Trip locations
Argentina and Chile
*Beirut and Paris*
Ghana and Senegal
Indonesia and Singapore
Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.

2009-10 Service Learning Trip locations
California and Nevada – Water, the Lifeblood of the American West: Mountain Snows to Faucet Flows
*China – Energy and the Environment*
India – Health Service Provision at the Base of the Pyramid
*South Africa – Education and Leadership Development*
Thailand and Cambodia – Innovations in Human and Economic Development

I asterisked the ones that appeal to me at first glance: the China service learning trip, the Paris/Beirut global study trip, the India global study trip, and the South Africa service learning trip.

Strangely absent from the trip offerings are any service learning opportunities in South America. Also, I wonder why there are fewer than half the number of options for the global study trip than there were in 2008-09. Is this another sign of Stanford GSB financial troubles?

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Hey.. you should post your thoughts on the pre matriculation stuff on the internal face book forum. I think many people will benefit since most of us havent started all of that stuff yet :)

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