Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calling All MBA Bloggers!

I just added a gadget to my sidebar that will ultimately include a step-by-step process for applying to business school, as outlined by the MBA blogging community. I have just a couple posts up so far and need help filling out the rest: school selection, visiting schools, admissions consultants (or not), essay writing, getting good recos, overall timing strategy, interviewing, WAITING, navigating scholarships/loans, prematriculation, ultimate school decision-making, etc.

Please leave a comment or send me an email with the link(s) of good posts on these topics from the MBA blogging community. Self-nomination is highly encouraged! You can see that the "Deciding to Apply" entry on the current list is my own... shameless, I know.

Thanks to MissionMBA for inspiring me with his great post on profile-building, now included on the list. And thanks to ClearAdmit for inspiring me with the Best of Blogging award sub-categories. I guess I'm a bit of a copy-cat.


adekku said...

Hi there,

Love the blog!

For the school selection, I like the one posted here

I think you can link it there for additional resources.

ahembeea said...

This is a great initiative.

A shameless plug for myself - You could also probably add a generic topic - 'life of an MBA application' and link my entire blog :-))

Anonymous said...


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