Tuesday, March 24, 2009

R2 Waiting Game: Wharton Decision

I'll admit it. I have been watching the Business Week forums over the last week or two, which is the home stretch for many round 2 MBA admissions decisions. I'm not proud.

It sounds like the Wharton round 2 decision could be coming out any moment. During round 1 this year, the official decision date was the fourth Monday in December, but the admissions committee called admitted applicants the prior Thursday morning (from a 215 area code number in case you're wondering) and then released all decisions via email/ApplyYourself website later that day. Given that Wharton's official decision date for R2 is this Thursday, many folks are expecting the verdict to be released today. To them I say, hang in there. Unfortunately, I have no ideas for how to distract yourself in an effective way.

At this point in R1, I had just had my HBS interview, still had not gotten a Stanford GSB interview, and had visions of being waitlisted at all three schools. I probably spent 25% of my waking hours online on some sort of business school forum, blog, or website. I was having very strange business school-related dreams. My anxiety was palpable. In hindsight, I wish that I was already blogging so that I would now have a record of my feelings, which were that much more intense because of a recent death in my family.

So I guess I do have one suggestion for those still waiting on a decision: write something. Your writing skills are likely improved or at least fresh from all of the application essay writing you have recently done. Type up a long email to friends or family. Open a fresh word document and capture your thoughts. Write a letter to yourself. Try to find a release for all of your anxiety rather than let it fester. The byproduct will be a record of these feelings for you to review the next time you face a serious challenge or difficult wait.

Good luck to all!


Samantha said...

thanks for the comment, you had quite the dilemma yourself! Have fun at Stanford, I'm sure it will be an incredible experience.

Mike said...

Thanks for your comment. I think I remember hearing something similar from a fin. aid person at one of the schools I visited - that the government gives each school a certain amount that they can lend under the subsidized Stafford program, then it's up to the school to determine the allocation among students. Just one more thing about the application process that seems totally random. Congrats on Stanford!

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