Thursday, October 15, 2009


Stanford MBA1s have three 1,000-word papers plus comprehensive feedback on 7 classmates due in the next 8 days.

And then we have mid-terms the following week.

Applicants: please do not believe that business school is not a ton of hard work. Even if you're just aiming to graduate, the workload is overwhelming.

Fellow MBA students and business school graduates: please stop perpetuating the silly idea that business school is a joke.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Condoleeza Rice & Trips

1. Condi Rice is teaching two of my classes this week. I think she just published a bunch of new business school cases and is coming to the GSB to teach them to us in our "Global Context of Management" class. That is pretty cool in my book. I definitely read those cases a bit more closely than I usually do. Don't want to be cold-called out by Condi!

2. Trips were assigned. We had to fill out a ranking and then some algorithm sorted through them to place people. I got a trip in my first choice bucket and am really excited. But troublingly, about 10% of my class was not placed on any trip. There just aren't enough spots and so some people got left out of the mix.

This is unacceptable for several reasons:
a) The GSB promotes these trips aggressively during admit weekend without mentioning that 10% of the class doesn't get one.
b) A "global experience" is required to graduate and while there are other ways to fulfill that requirement, the trips are by far the least time-consuming and the most popular.
c) There is no good reason for there to not be enough trips. Stanford claims that these trips are subsidized and that budget cuts have forced them to reduce the number of trips, but most trips cost $3-6K. How subsidized can they be?!
d) A small number of both second-years and significant others are allowed on the trip. It is non-sensical for tuition-paying MBA1s to be excluded in favor of MBA2s who have already fulfilled their global requirement and significant others of MBA1s.

As one of my classmates said, no algorithm, no matter how "fair", can fix the lack of trip spots!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I miss blogging

I have many posts clogged in my brain, but little time to coax them out of there. Strapped for time, and yearning for more sleep, I must neglect my blog for another few days in favor of homework.

However, given that the round 1 deadline for the GSB is rapidly approaching--this Thursday I think--I want to wish all applicants the very best of luck. Take a deep breath in through your nose, click submit, and exhale a long "ahhhhhhhh" out of your mouth. You've done what you can do. Let it go for a while. Resist the urge to reread your essays and instead, rekindle your neglected relationships and rejoin your forgotten hobbies. Read a book. (I wish I could read something other than cases.)

Also, here is a preview of topics I'd like to touch on in the coming months:
1. Stanford GSB classroom norms
2. The social life
3. Trips and other cool opportunities
4. Leadership Labs & CAT (the two most interesting classes of the quarter in my opinion)