Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging until school starts in mid-September, but I am back in the same country as my laptop, so that's a start. I published all of the comments that were left over the past couple months and will start to respond to emails in the next week or so.

Highlights of my trip include meeting about half a dozen Stanford classmates along the way, eating amazing food everywhere, becoming comfortable living out of a suitcase for almost three months, and of course, coming home.

While I was gone, I was surprised by how little I thought about Stanford and moving to Palo Alto. I was truly unplugged. I barely went on facebook or email except to coordinate with travel partners, which turned out to be a problem because there are a lot of pre-matriculation deadlines for pictures, surveys, dataforms, and the like, and those Stanford administrators really do take the deadlines seriously. Consider yourself warned.

In truth, I am feeling a little bit lukewarm about blogging at this point. I still feel overexposed and I think the current dearth of information that I'm willing to share here has led to my lack of enthusiasm. I am hopeful that come September, with all of the Stanford action that it promises, my energy to blog will be renewed.


Anonymous said...

I know, it's ridiculous. Guess they are reintroducing us to that nagging feeling you have in school that you haven't done something.

Anonymous said...

They are very serious about the deadlines aren't they?

Good to see you back!

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