Monday, August 31, 2009

Apple/Snow Leopard

I took the plunge and purchased a new Mac last week, complete with a free iPod Touch for my significant other. Then Apple released the new operating system, "Snow Leopard," which apparently is a great improvement over the current operating system. So I paid $10 for them to send me the software update, which is on its way to my new Palo Alto address as I write. And then today I got an email from Stanford telling me that there are tech problems with Snow Leopard interfacing with Stanford programs: "We caution against upgrading to Snow Leopard or buying a computer with this operating system until further testing and work to resolve any incompatibilities has been done."

So for those Stanford Class of 2011ers out there who have not yet taken the plunge, this may tip the scales away from a Mac. Just an unpleasant FYI for you this Monday.

PS - Classes start two weeks from today!


Anonymous said...

The message was a bit of a downer. But folks who are upgrading to Windows 7 may deal with the same temporary non-compatability issues. Stanford is a very Mac-friendly school. I would say that there is a decent shot that the biggest Snow Leopard issues will be resolved by the time classes start.

missionmba said...

I have got a mac too.. It has been about 6 weeks now that I shifted to mac world and I am totally loving it..

I'd just suggest installing one of the virtualization software (Parallels of VMWare fusion) and using that to install Windows. This would help u use the mentioned Stan-programs as well as MS Office apps. (U'd certainly need Excel, and Excel for Mac isn't gr8)

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