Monday, May 17, 2010

things are looking up?

Internship - check
Partial-quarter classes starting to go away - check plus
Summer housing - check minus
Summer travel plans and flights - check minus
Alienating my academic advisor - check plus

So that's the latest around here, folks. And with the quarter ending officially in less than 3 weeks, I don't feel a drop of nostalgia, anxiety or fear that my time at business school is passing too quickly. All I can think is, so long farewell I'm out.

I cannot wait for the school year to end and to re-enter the working world in a relatively risk-free role as the summer intern. I get to make a little money (precious little). I get to socialize with people who aren't my classmates. I get to learn about an industry that makes me tick. I also know that during my fifteen weeks away from the GSB, I will get to do a lot of reflecting on the good and the bad at Stanford. There is a lot of good, but I often need to be removed from a situation to remind myself of all that I love about it. I hope that my summer experience will help me solidify my business school "learnings" and reinvigorate me for my second year.

Or at the very least, I hope I'll get a good tan.


Chris said...

It's always good to take a breather from an intense experience. Looking forward to hearing what your internship experience was like and your reflections on Stanford.

Jeremy C. Wilson said...

Always good when things are looking up. Congrats on your internship.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! what will you be doing for the summer?

Elizabeth Dark said...

I hope my husband also gets some perspective while he's away in NYC this summer. I think b-school can be so overwhelming and often contrived that it's hard to really see what you're gaining while you're in the middle of it. Congrats on the internship :).

nisha said...

This was great to read for me.Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

As an incoming GSB student this whole blog, every post of it, was great to read. I'd be curious go hear what your thoughts are now that you've had a summer and an internship to reflect on it.

Thanks for keeping up this blog.

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sounds like your summer was busy! internships are a great step forward!

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