Monday, September 14, 2009

GSB Class of 2011 Facts & FIgures

Straight from the mouth of Derrick Bolton during today's MBA program welcome session:

Class of 2011 class profile/admissions information--
Admit rate = 6.7% (lowest ever if memory serves)
Class size = 384 (biggest ever I think)
Average GPA = 3.68
Average GMAT = 727

That's all I could store in my capacity-constrained memory.

Otherwise, first day went smoothly--met some people in my section, took an interesting organizational behavior class and a boring accounting class. Now I've got to sign off to do some reading.


Jeremy said...

wow, 6.7% is an incredible acceptance rate. It's even more impressive that it comes with the biggest class Stanford has ever seen. Congrats again, I suspect you're going to have a good time there.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought the OB was the boring one..

bizwiz said...

wow too... they should have made it a nice 385 & accept me! ;-)

Anonymous said...

While they don't explicitly ask us to keep this in confidence, I do believe your instant release of information they probably had a more timely plan for will likely limit how open they are with us in the future.

Just something to ponder.

Palo Alto for a While said...

They certainly did not ask us to keep this information in confidence either explicitly or implicitly, unless there was something I missed. If so, please let me know immediately and I will delete the post. In the absence of such a request and given that the speech was given to at least 384 people, I believed that it was acceptable to share this information publicly.

It is also important to remember that it is September; Stanford's round 1 application is due in less than a month and potential round 2 applicants are surely developing their short lists of target schools right now. Virtually every other business school released their class profile information earlier this summer, information that is used widely by applicants and others in the community.

Further, without a formal gag order, how should student bloggers determine what information from inside the classroom or from the administration is appropriate to share online?

Anonymous said...

Do you know how many people were admitted in Round 3 for your class?

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